Company Description:

We Buy Boats purchases used vessels from multiple sources on a global scale. They utilize paid marketing and search engine optimization to reach their target audience.

The Story and Problems Faced:

The company started off with a simple website and was in need of content, search engine optimization, and branding. As a brand, they also needed a full social media overhaul in order to align with their new branding.

We Buy Boats needed to identify their exact target customer and tailor all paid and organic marketing towards that buyer persona.

The Solution:

Through keyword research and analytic demographic findings, a target audience was identified and a full paid/organic marketing campaign began. New logos, a website, and content was distributed across all social channels. Physical materials were also created to be distributed at boat shows nationwide.

With selected long tail keywords in place, organic content was created to target these customers and proper calls-to-action were implemented site wide. Geo-specific landing pages and ad targeting were utilized to capture high converting market segments.


With an established target audience and branding campaign underway, traffic increase significantly and all social media platforms gained traction. The seo campaign led to multiple front page organic search rankings as well as highly targeted paid conversions for a low CPC. The addition of highly targeted led to high conversion rates across the board.

We Buy Boats now serves as one of the largest boat buyers in the nation and is currently undergoing another website rebuild I am overseeing.


Search engine optimization and keyword targeting were crucial to the success of this campaign. I was able to really expand my Adwords knowledge and strengthen my content creation skillset.

The company continues to thrive and I currently work with their team on marketing objectives and growth strategy.

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