Content Creation: Bring In Your Customers

With the average person consuming 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision*, having active content on social platforms and your website is now more important than ever. Let’s take a look at exactly what content creation is, how it helps convert, and how I can help.

What It Is

Content can come in most any form with the more familiar types being: blog posts, infographics, newsletters, videos, white papers, ebooks. It is often shared across social platforms, pushed through advertising, and found organically through search engines searches by interested consumers. Keyword targeted landing pages, and the content they contain, are also considered content.

Why You Need It

My explanation of why content is important to clients is that it resembles fishing. Your end goal is to bring a client (fish) onto your website (the boat). If a client is already on your website, they are likely to explore and convert into a paying customer. Therefore, each piece of content you push out into the world is a fish hook!

If your blog has 150 well written and SEO optimized blog posts circulating search engines and social platforms, you are much more likely to bring customers to your site and convert.

How I Can Help Your Business Thrive Online

Content creation is easily the most time consuming field within digital marketing. It is an ongoing process and if ignored, will result in a drop in search rankings. After all, Google loves fresh content! I have created a wide range of content for multiple industries and am comfortable writing for almost any client. I specialize in blog writing, landing page creation, and pushing content  to search engines.

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