Search Engine Optimization: Behind the Buzzwords

SEO is one of the most common acronyms through the marketing world that often leaves business owners a bit perplexed. They know they need it and many are already paying for it…but what exactly is it?

What It Is

Search engine optimization is a combination of best practices which increase the likelihood of your business being found online. Search engines are smarter than ever before and base your company’s search engine ranking based on hundreds of factors.

Factors Can Include:

  • Easy to navigate, relevant, and well laid out landing pages
  • Clear Meta data (Think of the text on a results page of a search engine)
  • Keyword targeting

Why You Need It

Many small to medium businesses pump money into a website, never follow through with SEO, and are therefore never found. Your website should be your best salesman as well as an information hub for your industry. By utilizing SEO, customers will be able to find your company and move towards purchasing your products.

How I Can Help Your Business Thrive Online

With a background in affiliate marketing, content creation, and a portfolio of first page ranking websites…I know exactly what it takes to bring your business to the top. Unlike a traditional marketing agency where you are one client amongst hundreds, I will work with you one on one and explain exactly how each factor I implement will grow your online presence.

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